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AirBoss®*200W Air Velocity Sensor -- The AirBoss*200W is a microprocessor-based, linear air velocity sensor with a range of 0-2000 fpm. Quality constructed of plastic and SS to perform in dusty and corrosive underground nuclear waste storage sites, this is a serious product that has no moving parts and is easy to use. Power is from 14-30VDC, 130ma max, three wire hookup. It has a linear 4-20ma output and is classified intrinsically safe in methane gas.

Unlike other air velocity sensors which typically cut off below 125 fpm, the AirBoss*200W provides dependable outputs well below 50 fpm, a critical enforcement threshold for many life support applications. In fact the zero fpm set point is verified by completely blocking the air flow. A digital meter is available for local readout. A compatible I.S. barrier can be supplied. Safety and performance combine to make this unique product a winner.

Parameters: Calibrateable 0-1000-2000 fpm; Stationary, analog, 3-wire. Optional reverse flow -2000 to + 2000 fpm Intrinsically Safe, no moving parts.

Technology: Solid state; thermal mass flow AirBoss*200W -- A unique ambient air flow sensor with good sensitivity, even in the critical low velocity ranges where minimum flow is required for ventilating workers in closed areas. An on-board 16-bit microprocessor automatically monitors the mass flow probe, interpolates lookup tables and generates linear analog output (4-20mA). Outputs have 12-bit digitizing resolution (4096 increments).

PC interface for custom ranges, units, and field adjustment via optional Windows 3.1/95 laptop software connected to unit via a RS232 COM port and cable. The 3-wire device operates from 14-30VDC (130mA drain). The analog output can drive a chart recorder, data logger etc. Electronics is housed in a dust tight enclosure. Plastic and SS construction resist corrosion for mines, subways, etc. The 4" dia x 12" lg cowling provides vector orientation. There are no moving parts. Contrasted with traditional ultrasonic, vortex shedding technology, the AirBoss*200W is not bothered by ambient noise, and does not lose sensitivity and accuracy as air velocity drops below 125 fpm.

A unique and very important reverse velocity reading version AB-200WR is available which indicates the polarity of the velocity. The zero fpm appears at mid scale (12 mA); positive velocities read up scale from that point, and negative velocities read down scale. This additional information is critical for uncovering any flow reversals which can create hazardous conditions for personnel depending on fresh air. A laptop computer is available which communicates via an RS232C plug with remote access unit to read out data and to field change the scale, units(fpm/kcfm), etc.


Item Model Code
Standard ranges (0-1000-2000 fpm)
Supplied without meter
Custom ranges can be a specified
AB-200W 7.1600
Reverse flow version (-2000 to +2000 fpm) AB-200WR 7.1601
Add digital meter Add -D
Add digital meter in separate box Add -D/B

For use in hazardous methane areas, covered by MSHA classifications G, H and L, except options marked **. Call factory or distributor for more details and to order.

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