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Intrinsic Safety Barrier (Product: Type SG, SH and SL)

Intrinsic Safety BarrierIntrinsic Safety Barrier

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Type SG, SH and SL Dual-Channel Intrinsic Safety Barriers -- Probably the most compact and highest powered I.S. barriers you will find anywhere. With a footprint measuring just 4.5 x 3/4" it occupies a mere 1.7 sq-in of enclosure real estate per channel. Entity approved to UL-913 for Class 1, Div 1 and 2, Group D. Also MSHA approved intrinsically safe (I.S.), carrying both IA certifications and "G/H/L" letter classifications for US mining, plus an "L" Class for Canadian mines. Installs easily with two #10 screws. Terminals are conveniently located at the top, with ready access for troubleshooting. Capture-wire terminals speed field wiring; just strip and tighten for secure connections. We supply all supporting hardware and accessories, including box mounting, to assure proper, failsafe usage. Engineered for quality, safety, performance and economy, this fine US-built barrier product will fit into your next I.S. monitoring project.

Intrinsically Safe (I.S.) Dual Channel Barrier
- Three model for optimum voltage/current
- Uniquely passes AC and DC power and signals
- High packing density 3 sq. in
- Compatible with all Rel-Tek classified sensors.
- MSHA approved and classified G,H & L for methane.
- Class I, Div. 1 and 2 Group D UL 913

Type/Model Type SG/ Double-G Type SH/ Double H Type SL/ Double L
 Vmax 14.67V 19.09V 16.03V
Imax 1.22A 0.70A 0.90A
Ca 15uF 4uF 7uF
La 300uH 1000uH 550uH
MSHA I/S Evaluation IA-566 IA-566 IA-566
MSHA (MWMS) Class/Issue G/47 H/35 L/33
Vin (max) 18V 20V 18V
Ri (3 per channel) 1% 12.1ohms 27.4ohms 18.2ohms
Rtotal (end to end + fuse) 39.8ohms 85.7ohms 58.1ohms
Internal fuse (fast blow) 0.25A 0.25A 0.25A
Max Safe Area Voltage 250Vrms 250Vrms 250Vrms

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