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Outstations and I/O Boxes are a collection of I/O cards, power supplies and special accessories that allow you to accomplish your mission effectively. Along with several standard versions (DXcalibar, RMcalibar, Red Outstation) there are also a type of "ala cart menu" of optional styles and equipment. Some of the options can be enclosure size, power supply size or I/O needed.
The following are some of those options:

The size of enclosure is dependant upon the amount equipment that is needed to accomplish the job at hand. Sizes available range from 8 x 10" to 24 x 24" these also come in several different materials (painted steel, fiberglass, ABS, stainless steel) and several NEMA ratings (1, 4, 4X, 12, 13). Some approvals limit size and type of enclosure.

The OS and I/O Boxes are available with several types of power supplies or no power supply at all. These power supplies are 28VDC and range in current output from 1A to 6.5A. They are also available as linear and switching power supplies. Several power supplies are rated as power circuit barriers through MSHA. Some approvals limit type of power supply used.

The size of batteries are dependent upon two major factors: 1) the amount of equipment powered by the back up batteries and 2) the duration that is needed to satisfactorily maintain operation. After the equipment's power consumption is totaled and the amount of time needed for back up, a calculation is performed to see what battery is best suited for this need. Low battery and charging circuits are available along with "Kill" functions, which are needed in some industries. Batteries are a set of two and range in size from 1.8Ah to 12Ah. Some approvals limit type and size of batteries.

All of Rel-Tek's telemetry cards can be used in these I/O boxes. The cards are compatible with each other and complement each other in providing the needed I/O for the job. Along with the various I/O cards there are also long distant communication cards called DX-Link cards. These cards allow the system to be set up for distances of approximately 11 miles. They also provide power supply isolation where and when needed. See Telemetry.

We are more than happy to help you design that special box. Call, E-mail or fax us with your project needs and one of are capable staff will help you create exactly what you are looking for.

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