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Portable Calibration Gas Unit KalKitPortable Calibration Gas Unit KalKit

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The Kal-Kit® is a convenient portable calibration kit containing everything needed to calibrate Rel-Tek (and most other) gas sensors. It contains two 20-liter tanks of cal gas, usually zero and a selected span gas. Tanks are nested in a shock resistant bed, rigidly captured by a brace and wing nut. Stainless Steel needle valve controls the gas flow from the tank. Two Pressure gage show the pressure in each supply tank.

A 10' (3 m) length of 3/16" (3mm) ID flexible tube connects the flow meter to a sensor adapter cap designed to mate with the sensing device being calibrated, all housed in a durable 9x17x82" utility box with handle. There are no electrical components, so unit may be taken into hazardous areas. Total weight is about 6 pounds (2.7Kg). Pressure gage has a range of 0-600 psi, covering the 250 PSI normal max pressure of the gas tanks. The 20L tanks are triple-flushed at Rel-Tek to avoid contamination of the NBS traceable gas.

For H2S, SOx, NOx, and other gases... call factory. Other gases available on request.

Specify gases and concentrations to be supplied with Kal-Kit. The standard flow meter supplied has a range of 0-500 cc/min. Calibration adapter caps are usually supplied by the sensor manufacturer, however, one is included with Kal-Kit which fits all Rel-Tek sensor heads. Containing pressurized gas, shipments are deemed hazardous. Domestic UPS shipping available. Call for more information or to place orders.

Apparatus for calibrating most gas sensorsr

Portable; pressurized gas

Item Model Code
Kal-Kit Complete with 2 tanks gas KK-xx/yy 7.90xx/yy
Kal-Gas tank (15L, 250 psig) KG-xx/yy 7.93xx
Kal-Gas 6-pack (all one kind) KG/6-xx/yy 7.96xx

Kal-Kit is a registered Rel-Tek trademark.

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