BlueBaby® Outstation
Product 5.7210/5.7220/5.7230/5.7240 BlueBaby; BB1, BB2, BB3, BB4, BB5, BB6, BB7 & BB8


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Universal BLUE outstations with US/MSHA credentials for monitoring classified sensors and devices in hazardous (CH4) areas. Directly compatible with most monitoring systems used in U.S. coal Mines. BBs contain barriers and regulator, capable of servicing classified CO, CH4, O2, temp, RH, pressure, airflow and vibration sensors, as well as classified relays and alarms - sited in methane areas.

Easy to install, low cost and immediately effective. No need to replace existing fresh air (red) outstations. Just wire a BlueBaby to the "red box" which supplies the 24-30VDC power and receives the analog or digital monitored signals. Use a BB/1 for just a few sensors; or select a BB/8 for up to 19 sensors.

Supplied with Rel-Tek's MSHA system evaluation number MMS-12. Ideal for PLC and home-brew systems which may not be MSHA evaluated. The "power circuit" barrier(s) included in the BB unit are MSHA-class 600Vor 3000V. Dual channel "letter class" barriers are MS HA class G, H or L, to suit sensors. Refer to our barrier data sheets for V/I parameters. BB units are supplied with current regulators for each barrier. Specify barrier class and regulator types when ordering. Optional reset relay and switch provide manual reset. A unique CRSR product (see CRSR literature) provides both current regulation and signal regeneration to avoid voltage starved sensors, especially useful for PLC and other 250 ohm termination resistance application.

Consolidates all MSHA req'd power

circuit and letter class barriers.

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