CalNow     MagiKal ® is our flagship Automatic Gas Sensor Calibration (AGSC) system that uses a PC, running MagiKal software along with our standard Millennia-DX monitoring and control package. Schedule years ahead to calibrate your gas sensors monthly, weekly or even daily, all without any effort by management and technical personnel. And, if there is an alarm or other event when a quick cal-check is needed, just push the Cal-Now button, and hundreds of sensors can be precisely re-calibrated in minutes at a cost of about 20 cents apiece. The cost of tedious and often risky manual calibration can be orders of magnitude higher.

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                Your gas sensor zones are monitored and managed via the central PC. The Magikal utility orchestrates the zonal calibration on schedule, managing the cal-gas application procedure and recording the before/after cal data for each gas sensor. The Millennia-DX monitoring and control PC constantly monitors each sensor and telemeters the MagiKal commands wherever needed throughout the site. Alarms are disabled during the procedure to avoid nuisance alarms. Large, yet economical, precision cal-gas tanks can last for years between refills. The computer even monitors tank pressure and forecasts replacement.

                 Low supply cost and minimum maintenance effort are compelling issues in the minds of our clients, but at no sacrifice for safety. Indeed, this computer utility far exceeds a human's ability to perform such intricate work without error. Clients have better things to do with their time, money and staff. Distribution of cal-gas to each sensor is a science in itself. Rel-Tek has developed special pneumatic fittings and flow regulators to assure optimal sensor feed, conservation of cal-gas and minimum downtime.

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Calibration Now Button MagiKal Provides Precision Monitoring
Calibration Now Button MagiKal Extends Sensor Life
Calibration Now Button MagiKal Provides Sensor Diagnostics
Calibration Now Button And there are more benefits. Read on...

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