MagiKal Provides Precision Monitoring

Calibrate Now A remote methane drainage site in Alabama needed 1% methane and oxygen sensor accuracy for a year or more, unattended. The solution was to install Rel-Tek gas sensors along with a MagiKal system which provides daily sensor calibrations using NBS certified 1% cal-gas. Calibrating the sensors at 6:00 AM every morning transfers the high cal-gas accuracy to the sensors. Like setting your watch to the National Observatory, you have precise time throughout the day. The next morning--BAM --the sensors are recalibrated before significant drift can occur. Drift of normal industrial instruments can be 2-5% per month, depending on conditions. However, by calibrating frequently with precision cal-gas, even industrial grade sensors can be made very accurate. Cal-Gas is cheap; so calibrate early and calibrate often... as the old voting adage might suggest.

         The automatic calibration procedure is invisible to the connected monitoring equipment. During the few minutes of calibration the sensors are temporarily isolated. The signal levels immediately before calibration are transmitted throughout the AGSC procedure, thus masking the wide sensor excursions covering the monitoring discontinuity. The resulting high-precision cal-parameters (for zero and upscale gas levels) are applied by the computer immediately on completion. Documentation of the automatic calibration is automatic, see below.

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