A free combustible detection system

Calibrate Now A free combustible detection system? Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? Well let’s check some numbers.

Rel-Tek’s hydrogen and CNG gas detection systems come with MagiKalTM, our unique, fully-automatic sensor calibration utility. Say your maintenance garage is one acre size, has 44,000 sq ft and needs maybe 44 combustible gas sensors. Manual sensor maintenance can be a major, on-going cost.

But, Rel-Tek doesn’t use manual sensor calibration. Rel-Tek’s Millennia data acquisition computer software includes our powerful MagiKal utility that automatically schedules, executes and documents monthly sensor calibrations, thus assuring continuing accuracy. It’s automatic; no labor involved. MagiKal also uses bulk NIST-certified cal-gas supplies… 5-ft high tanks with 3K-6K liters of cheap zero/span cal-gas costing $300-400 apiece. Tanks can last for several years.

Let’s compare the cost to calibrate the 44 sensors manually vs automatically.

Without MagiKal, using manual labor and portable gas supplies, a one-time calibration event of all sensors costs about $1,288. This is based on an estimated 35 minutes labor per sensor, or a total of 26 man-hours, plus about $520 in costly portable cal-gas tanks for each cal-event. In one year 12 calibration dates would total about $15,840. Disregarding interest and taxes, in ten years, this maintenance cost could grow to $154,840, a big number, indeed, and just about the initial cost of a brand new 44-sensor system.

Rel-Tek does calibration differently. On a monthly schedule that is OK’d by you, Magikal executes the complete 44 sensor calibration routine in roughly 10-15 minutes. The computer logs the before/after sensor values and passes or fails each individual gas sensor It provides historical graphs and diagnostics. If a sensor fails calibration, it is flagged on the computer screen for maintenance. Cal-gas pressure is monitored throughout the process. Low gas pressure aborts the auto-cal event and notifies the operator with pop-up messages.

Between auto-cal dates, if you wish to verify a sensor’s accuracy, just touch the “Cal-Now” button on the screen. In about 15 minutes all your sensors are fully re-calibrated, utilizing about $13 of bulk cal-gas.

Automatically calibrating all 44 sensors for a year costs about $159. In ten years, disregarding interest and taxes, the total cost in gas utilization is about $1,590. Of course, there is no labor cost.

Figuring 120 calibrations over ten years of ownership, the estimated calibration cost savings from MagiKal amounts to about $153,250. An annuity of this calibration payback at 5% interest for ten years amounts to an enormous $192,499. This windfall will more than pay for a new gas detection system, plus several vacation trips to Hawaii. QED.

MagiKal works for lots of gases -- H2, CNG, LPG, O2, CO, CO2, H2S, and so on. Just select the span cal-gas composition to suit.

Rel-Tek has pioneered with automatic calibration for decades and has the technology and experience to help assure success in your alt-fuel garage or fueling area.

Familiar MagiKal user names include: Akron Regional Transit, Golden Empire Transit, San Diego Transit, City of Lancaster, Gold Coast Transit, Sun Metro Transit, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and more. All are pleased with their incredibly low maintenance cost.

Send us a sketch of your facility for a free analysis and proposal, including Millennia and MagiKal..

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