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Developed for hazardous areas of coal mines for alerting workers of possible hazardous conditions (fires, explosive/toxic fumes, etc.), the SA-501 is small and portable, yet effective and safe. Ideal for mines or plant areas where space is confined. All solid state; MSHA classified intrinsically safe when powered through proper barriers.

The SA-501B, has two separate outputs: 1) a visual "warning" and 2) a strident sonic "alarm", each independently controlled. Super bright LEDs flash (2-Hz) red for maximum attention. The horn "alarm" adds a raucous, pulsating blast several times a second. Designed for the maximum human hearing sensitive of 2900 Hz the 95 dBA @ 24" sound pressure provides a sonic signal audible at long distances, even in ambient noise.

The SA-501B operates from 8-30VDC, drawing about 40ma for each channel. A terminal strip provides easy connections using two cables each having 2-conductors that are shielded or one cable with two pairs each pair separately shielded. Power is supplied and controlled ON/OFF from an external user source.

The SA-501B measures 6Wx14Hx4.5D inches (152x356x114mm) and weighs 6 pounds (3.3kg). Circuits are solid state and encapsulated for protection against moisture and dust. Very little maintenance is required.

This unique product has proven reliable, even in the rigors of underground coal mining - providing economical, effective alarming, which is convenient for advancing work crews. Powered by a single cable (described above), a hook can be added to hang the alarm in a convenient place.

Movable area alarm for use in hazardous places.

Solid state; visual/audio.

Item Model Code
Standard unit, with cord grip SA-501B 7.8202
Add steel protective cage for strobe unit SA-CAGE 7.8203

US/MSHA evaluations G, H, J, K and L cover use in hazardous methane areas when powered through approved barriers. MSHA permits multiple SA-501B units to be connected on a single cable, ideal for spacing at intervals for maximum effectivity in a noisy industrial situation. Barriers can be supplied. Call for more information or to order.

SA-501 is a Rel-Tek trademark.

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