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SafeBossTM FTL SafeBoss-ePC Industrial Controller With Embedded PC

All the power, logging and connectivity of the big rack guys, but reduced to a wall-mount size and far lower cost.

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SafeBoss FTSafeBoss FTL

This is a stand-alone embedded PC system with Internet linkage via 4G or satellite.

Automatically contacts management for alarms and emergencies.

This compact embedded PC runs Rel-Tek’s world-class Millennia data acquisition software under a robust Linux operating system. No UPS is needed.

A host of field I/O cards can be connected with various combinations of analog inputs, digital inputs, analog outputs and digital outputs.

Start small, say with one DX4404D card with its 12 inputs and outputs: This handles 4 analog sensors, 4 digital switches, and has 4 control relays. Expand later as needed by adding up to 251 more cards to handle thousands of sensors and controls covering many square miles of territory.

Popular I/O cards available include: DX-1000 (1AI); DX-8000 (8AI); DX-0100 (1DI); DX-2202 (2AI, 2DI, 2DO); DX-4404 (4AI, 4DI, 4DO); DX-0080 (8AO); DX-0008 (8DO). Each I/O card uses one address, i.e. not to exceed 252 cards of any card type.

Data acquisition and alarm processing speed is very high, typically polling 25-30 I/O cards per second, over a mile of twisted pair communication cable.

Telemetry can be extended to 20 miles by adding as many as 19 DX-Link repeaters, while the speed is reduced slightly to about 15 addresses per second. A GPS locator with Internet maps and position data can be added.

The standard HMI graphics uses a small 7” touch screen display, or order a larger 14.5” or 21” touch screen. Add LAN networking to remote workstations stations, if you wish.

A battery backed, perpetual calendar and clock is provided for controls and logging.
Data logging (selectable 1-60 sec sampling rate) archives on a 32-GB replaceable memory stick. Off-load data files using our Millennia utility.

Control strategies can be programmed with a visual click/drag from the library of Boolean and handy logic icons. There are 10 screen (pages) to accommodate extensive control strategies. Active paths are shown in red for easy racking and troubleshooting.

  1. A.) Sensor types available (4-20ma):
    Gas Sensors – CH4 and other HCs, CO, CO2, O2, O3,H2, H2S, SO2, Cl2, HCN, HCl, NH3, refrigerants, and analog smoke. An optional feature is MagiKal, our fully automatic calibration utility.
    Physical Sensors – Temperature, RH, vibration, linear air velocity (high and low), pressure, water depth, and smoke

  2. B.) Digital sensors available (dry contact): Flame detectors; position, temperature and pressure, as well as emergency stop switches, optical switches, temperature switches, and myriad security devices.

  3. C.) Analog outputs can be added (4-20ma): typically used for variable speed control of fans and other motors. Also useful for passing analog sensor values on to other systems on site without the need for costly protocols.

  4. D.) Programmable relay outputs are available (DPDT or 4PDT isolated dry contact relays) for activating doors, louvers, horns, strobes, dialers, solenoids, gas valves, shunt trip relays, etc. Quantity of DOs available generally equals the same as the number of analog inputs (AIs).

The following diagram is an example of a typical setup for SafeBoss/FTL Standalone Systems
Safeboss FTL Setup Diagram

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